Yilabara Solutions Networking Event

Yilabara Solutions hosted its first networking event for 2022. 

The day was an opportunity to connect with community organisations that service Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the Campbelltown region, and to introduce Yilabara Solutions’ services and programs. 

Yilabara Solutions CEO, Matthew Clarke said events like this encourages collaboration.

“Collaboration is the key 100 per cent. It’s not what Yilabara does by itself but it’s about what Yilabara does with every organisation here today.”

NSWALC Chairperson, Danny Chapman, opened the event by expressing the importance that employment plays in the economic growth of Aboriginal communities. 

“We all know that the importance of jobs, education and training and that’s exactly why we’re here today. Together with housing, they are vital areas that must be addressed so that we as Aboriginal people have a sustainable future and have opportunities to change our lives for the better.” 

This sentiment was echoed by Yilabara Solutions Co-chair and guest speaker, Karen Cooper. 

“Todays event is amazing. It’s the first that Yilabara is able to have for 2022. It’s really exciting because it brings together a lot of players and partners in the employment training industry and community. Everything that we do is about partnership and connection with our community. And our client is at the centre of everything we do.” 

Watch the video of the day here.