Aboriginal Disability Services

Yilabara Solutions engagement model is a whole of community approach ensuring that all members in our community can succeed.

Disability is a real issue that impacts our Aboriginal Communities but often is not discussed openly or recognised for what it is. 

Aboriginal Disability Services

Among Indigenous Australians of all ages living in private households in 2018: 24% (139,700 people) were living with disability. 8.8% (51,100) had severe or profound disability (ABS 2021).

Aboriginal people are twice as likely as non-Aboriginal people to have a severe or profound disability.

As of 30 September 2022, the NDIS was providing disability support to 40,842 First Nations participants, up from 34,378 at the same time last year – an increase of more than 18 per cent.

More Jobs More Care Phase Two Project

Yilabara Solutions has been contracted by the Department of Communities and Justice to deliver the More Jobs More Care Phase two contract across Western New South Wales.

The core focus of this project is to increase the NDIS participation plan utilisation for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people across Western NSW by increasing the number of Aboriginal organisations delivering NDIS and improving the cultural capability of non-Indigenous NDIS providers.

Yilabara Solutions More Jobs More Care project aims to increase the capacity of culturally appropriate disability services by:

  • Working alongside Aboriginal Organisations across Western NSW to increase their understanding of the NDIS sector and how this can be implemented across our Aboriginal Communities.
  • Supporting Aboriginal organisatons to introduce NDIS into their organisation including executive leadership training and business mentoring.
  • Supporting non-Aboriginal disability providers to increase their capacity to provide culturally appropriate services to their Aboriginal clients.
  • Supporting Aboriginal community members to undertake accredited training in Individual Support enabling the opportunity for them to enter the Disability Care Sector.

Aboriginal NDIS Resource Folder

To Support Aboriginal organisations in their capacity to deliver NDIS across their Aboriginal Communities Yilabara Solutions has developed am Aboriginal NDIS Resource Folder. The resource folder contains a range of templates, documents, and resources that Aboriginal Organisations will need in their delivery of NDIS Services.

More Jobs More Care Phase One Project

Yilabara Solutions worked in partnership with Apprenticeships Career Australia to deliver the NSW government initiative – More Jobs More Care (MJMC) contract across New South Wales.

The core aim of this project was to upskill people to be able to be employed across the Disability Care Sector.

Yilabara Solutions was engaged to introduce this project across Aboriginal Communities in the following NSW regions:

  • Hunter New England
  • North Coast
  • Western NSW
  • Southwest Sydney

Over a period of 15 months Yilabara Solutions was able to achieve:

  • 217 Aboriginal Community Members successfully completed their accredited pre-employment training program which included:
    • 4-week pre-employment course
    • First Aide Certificate
    • NDIS / Working with Children Check (WWCC)
  • 25% of all our participants were able to move directly into employment.