Organisational performance is a blend of strategic leadership and positive workforce productivity. Today work environments are continually evolving to respond to the changing needs of their customers while understanding the importance of positioning their organisation as a corporate socially responsible leader.

With the pace of activity, change, emerging needs, and competition it is critical that organisations continually evaluate their process and practices to ensure they remain competitive in today’s market.

Yilabara Solutions provides a tailored and innovative consulting solution for organisations committed to enhancing their Corporate Social Responsibility.

Our core offerings include:


Yilabara Solutions can work alongside organisations to develop, review and embed key strategies such as:

  • Aboriginal Employment Strategies
  • Tailored Reconciliation Action Plan
  • Indigenous Participation Plan

Yilabara Solutions can support your organisation with business positioning by:

  • Establishing formal linkages with Aboriginal organisations to meet your Indigenous procurement policies targets and Corporate Social Responsibilities
  • Facilitating strategic partnerships enabling business growth and adherence to contractual requirements.

Training and Capability

Yilabara Solutions can support your organisation to build meaningful, productive, professional connections by:

  • Developing a customised Aboriginal Workforce Development Strategy designed to meet the needs of your organisation.
  • Designing and delivering Aboriginal training tailored to enhance the capabilities of your organisation and employees.


When you collaborate with Yilabara Solutions you benefit from:

  • Our extensive experience in delivering tailored consulting services to organisations that deliver real outcomes.
  • Access to a respected team of Aboriginal consultants and advisors who will deliver sustainable solutions for your business.
  • Yilabara Solutions comprehensive Project Management Approach, providing our clients and partners with the confidence that all consulting deliverables are recorded, monitored and presented in the most professional, high-quality and cost-efficient manner
  • Our deep understanding of Aboriginal culture and how this is best embedded into any project design, review process or organisational objectives upon which you are focused.

Recruitment Services – Your Indigenous Workforce

Leading organisations across the country understand the need to deliver not just on their bottom line, but also to consider the impact they make in the world. Delivering change for First Nation’s people offers an important opportunity for any business.

Yilabara Solutions are experts in working with companies to explore and deliver on their corporate social responsibility commitments and objectives. Yilabara Solutions can assist you to achieve your corporate social responsibility working with you to:

  • Project manage your Aboriginal recruitment targets from advertising, sourcing, screening, pre-employment training, onboarding, and on-the-job mentoring
  • Provide tailored recruitment solutions to commence, increase and retain your current Aboriginal workforce profile
  • Gain access to a state-wide pool of Aboriginal candidates to elevate the profile of supply to enable you to meet your capability needs
  • Navigate and access available incentives and subsidies from State and Commonwealth Governments
  • Extensive community engagement design and implementation ensuring that all recruitment targets are met and understood by local Aboriginal communities.
  • Access our statewide network of 120 Local Aboriginal land Councils.

When you choose to work with Yilabara Solutions your organisation can do so with confidence knowing that the support, advice and engagement you are getting is culturally appropriate and grounded in best practice. Yilabara Solutions' highly skilled team brings to our services real experience in working with Aboriginal people and communities to deliver real outcomes for business and Aboriginal communities.