Barranggirra (a Wiradjuri word for ‘to fly’, ‘arise’) provides end-to-end support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander learners through culturally appropriate mentoring to ensure successful retention and completion of training and improved post-training employment outcomes.

We have been engaged by Training Services NSW to deliver Barranggirra across Central/Orana and the Far West region of NSW.

Yilabara Solutions’ Barranggirra team will aim to achieve the following objectives:

  • Increase access, retention and completion of vocational education and training
  • Build aspirations and expectation of career pathways Improved post-training outcomes
  • Increased placement in meaningful and sustainable employment
  • Greater confidence on making decision that maximise training and employment experiences and outcomes
  • Greater opportunity for Aboriginal business ownership and economic independence

Yilabara Solutions has a dedicated Barranggirra team that works with both the learner and employer.

Our services are completely voluntary with no associated costs. We work directly with learners to develop an individualised mentor plan and offer cultural mentoring support, training and updates on trainee and apprenticeship initiatives.

We also work with employers who are actively engaged or interested in employing Aboriginal learners through traineeships and apprenticeships. Our goal is to provide a wrap-around service for Aboriginal trainees and apprentices across Western NSW.

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When you choose to work with Yilabara Solutions, your organisation can do so with confidence knowing that the support, advice and engagement you are getting is culturally appropriate and grounded in best practice. Yilabara Solution's highly skilled team brings to our services real experience in working with Aboriginal people and communities to deliver real outcomes for business and Aboriginal communities.