Dalmarri Creates ‘Yuruna’ for Yilabara Solutions

You may have seen us using some incredible new artwork on our banners, at our events and in community. This stunning art piece is called ‘Yuruna.’

‘Yuruna’, meaning ‘to be passionate’, is inspired by the passion and vision of the Yilabara staff.

This masterpiece highlights the positive vibes and passion of Yilabara.

Representing the Earth (country), the Saltwater, the coastal and outback, this vibrant piece brings to life the importance of togetherness and connection.

The centre meeting place is Yilabara sharing ideas and visions and opportunities.The many layers of this beautiful artwork reflect passion. Passion to inspire, passion to give hope to help strive and achieve and to show we are here for you, unconditionally.

Yilabara travel far and wide providing opportunities and inspiring the next generation walking hand in hand to make that difference.

Aboriginal artists, Jason Douglas and Trevor Eastwood from Dalmarri,  created the unique art piece to reflect the core values of Yilabara Solutions, what we do and how we work with and for community. 

We were fortunate enough to have the piece delivered to our Parramatta offices, where it now sits to welcome our staff and visitors. A huge thank you to Dalmarri for bringing our story to life.