Success Story: Riley broadens his job search to set him up for success

August 24, 2022

Over the past few years, 22-year-old Riley Bailey found it hard to secure a job. 

With family health issues and a lack of confidence, Riley’s search for employment hasn’t been easy. 

That was until he met his Yilabara Solution’s Employment advisor. 

Riley came to Yilabara Solutions through   Workforce Australia – an Australian Government program designed to help people find work. 

Yilabara Solutions is the only Aboriginal-owned organisation with a Workforce Australia contract in NSW. 

Once Riley met his Yilabara Employment advisor, he began to work on his confidence and improve his interview skills. Practising every day until he was able to answer any question thrown his way confidently. 

By broadening his job search, he could also utilise transferable skills across several roles in various industries. 

The time spent practising was all worth it when Riley secured employment with technology company Micromax. 

Domenic Pipino from Micromax said, “He is the best person for the job at Micro Max, and he stood out from all of the others interviewed. He has great communication skills, an excellent phone manner, good presentation skills and is a credit to his family and his Employment Provider.”

Riley Bailey is standing tall and is determined to make and take every chance that comes his way. 

The ultimate dream for Riley is to work in the Marine industry. Until that day, he’ll work as hard as he can, gain more skills, learn something new every day and be a valuable employee.