Media Release: ‘More Jobs More Care’ to build up more Aboriginal NDIS Providers in Western NSW

July 19, 2022

Yilabara Solutions is taking the NSW government initiative, ‘More Jobs More Care’ program, to Western NSW to work with existing and new National Disability Insurance Scheme Providers (NDIS). 

Phase 2 of the More Jobs More Care program aims to increase the number of Aboriginal community-controlled NDIS Providers, improve the cultural safety of existing NDIS services, and grow the number of Aboriginal disability workers across the region. 

Yilabara Solutions CEO, Matthew Clarke said, “Taking ‘More Jobs More Care’ to Western NSW is a great opportunity to contribute to a sector that will benefit a lot of our communities out West. The demand is there for a strong Aboriginal workforce in this sector and more culturally safe NDIS services for our mob.”

“The more culturally safe NDIS providers are, the more our mob will want to access the service.”

More Jobs More Care (MJMC) is the NSW Government’s response to supporting the care sector and NSW’s economic recovery post-COVID. MJMC Phase Two (Western NSW) will implement initiatives to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with disability in Western NSW.

Yilabara Solutions has been contracted by the Department of Communities and Justice to help increase culturally appropriate disability services and improve access to individual support for Aboriginal people living with disability. 

As part of the initiative, Yilabara Solutions will provide business mentoring, capacity building, cultural training and a range of recruitment and training services. 

Matthew Clarke said, “It’s important that we build an Aboriginal workforce and grow the number of Aboriginal NDIS providers so that our communities feel welcome, safe and looked after.”

Yilabara Solutions is currently recruiting a team to deliver ‘More Jobs, More Care’ across Western NSW with sites in Bourke, Brewarrina, Walgett and Dubbo. 

For media enquiries, please contact Matthew Clarke at or on 0428 441 400.

More Jobs More Care Roles include:

  1. More Jobs More Care Phase 2 Western – Business Advisor based in Dubbo 
  2. More Jobs More Care Phase 2 Western – Business Advisor based in Bourke 
  3. More Jobs More Care Phase 2 Western – Mentor based in Dubbo 
  4. More Jobs More Care Phase 2 Western – Mentor based in Bourke 
  5. More Jobs More Care Phase 2 Western – Events Coordinator based in Bourke 
  6. More Jobs More Care Phase 2 Western – Training Coordinator based in Dubbo 
  7. Barranggirra Mentor based in Dubbo 
  8. Barranggirra Mentor based in Bourke

For enquiries about any of these roles, Contact Julie Blackhall at or on 0477 022 414