Yilabara Solutions To Recruit 250 Indigenous Jobs To Help Boost The Disability Workforce

Yilabara Solutions has partnered with Apprenticeship Careers Australia to place 250 Aboriginal community members into employment as part of the ‘More Jobs, More Care Program.’
‘More Jobs, More Care’ is a NSW Government initiative designed to increase the number of people trained to deliver community care and to link them to jobs available through National Disability Insurance Scheme providers.

Aboriginal employment service, Yilabara Solutions, was selected by Apprenticeship Careers Australia to assist in recruitment, accreditation and training of Aboriginal workers while providing a culturally sound service.
Yilabara Solutions will be holding information sessions across NSW for Aboriginal job seekers who are interested in this opportunity and have a passion for working with people with disability. Successful applicants will participate in a free accredited pre-employment program and will have access to extensive mentoring and practical support during the first 26 weeks of employment.

Yilabara Solutions CEO, Matthew Clarke said, “This is a great opportunity to contribute to a sector that will benefit many communities across NSW. It is vital that we build an Aboriginal workforce given the increasing focus on disability across our communities. As Aboriginal people we have always been drawn to looking after our own communities and this initiative will provide an employment opportunity to continue this.  Our aim is to inspire and create opportunities and this program will allow us to do that in an area where there is a strong demand for more Aboriginal workers.”
Apprenticeship Careers Australia’s National General Manager, Luke Radford, said “We are thrilled to partner with Yilabara Solutions to increase the number of Aboriginal people participating in this very important program. To bolster the workforce in the care sector will mean many people in the community will get access to vital services they need.”
Yilabara Solutions is currently recruiting a team to deliver ‘More Jobs, More Care’ across NSW with sites in Coffs Harbour, Gosford, Parramatta, Campbelltown, and Dubbo.
“We’re putting together a highly skilled Aboriginal team of staff that is able to strongly support and mentor Aboriginal people looking to work in this important sector,” Mr Clarke said.
Yilabara Solutions is an enterprise established in 2019 to increase access to training and jobs for Aboriginal people and is a subsidiary of the New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council.

NSW Aboriginal Land Council Chairperson Anne Dennis said, “This new partnership is an excellent opportunity for Yilabara Solutions to build Aboriginal employment in the health and disability sector, and I look forward to positive and sustainable outcomes from this project.”

For more information contact Matthew Clarke at matthew.clarke@yilabara.org.au or on 0428 441 400.

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